It's summer! We're melting - emotionally and physically! Everything is a mess! 😡☀️😱🏖️🤬
Interview with gender expert Kate Mangino, Anne Hathaway is 😡, daycare is a controlled substance and ok we're just waiting for Roe v Wade news at this…
No words.
A shocking tea encounter during Spring Break, the push for counting unpaid labor in GDP, and calls for companies to act get louder.
Meet the CareForce. What to keep from the pandemic? (Besides sweat pants.) This is the RuPaul issue. Work! Sashay. Shante.
This news cycle is too much. Resignations are tied to care work, childcare costs hit $10k, and kids didn't ask for snacks at a White House panel on…
Everything is terrible and heading into year three, we're back where we started. Studies say child tax credits helped, but politicians say they're…
It'll make sense when you read it. ⭕🛠📚🔥 Also, come ON, Omicron and Joe Manchin. 🛑
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Caregiving Crisis